15 March 2021

Online tasting with De Natte Gijt & Little Devil part 2: LAM!

Right between Good Friday and Easter, of course you have Shitfaced Saturday, time for another online tasting through LDtv with our friends of De Natte Gijt! This is not just a tasting, but also the presentation of our new collab beer LAM! In cooperation with the Goats and the Devils we’ve made a new beer for the Little Devil which will be available for the first time on April 3! It’s a magnificent DIPA of 8%, and from each bottle sold outside of Little Devil, an amount goes to the bar to help them survive this shitty time, so that we can all enjoy the finest rock and metal bands after the pandemic while drinking (and becoming) LAM at our favorite bar! Besides that the tasting package comes with our newest beer Kveik Maar Wat Je Doet, a robust porter of 9,2% which is already sold out! De Natte Gijt also has some nice contributions, being:

Latte Gijt – 6% – coffee milk stout
Zeeson – 6% – saison with elderflower
Gijtepaedje – 6,7% – Black IPA
Stoute Gijt – 8,8% – Russian Imperial Stout
7e Gijtje – 2,5% – Session Rye IPA

A little bit heavier than the last tasting, but at least as yummy! You can purchase though here, €30 and you’re in! And to make it even prettier, you can also order shirts with the LAM label on it, made by our brew master Stijn himself!